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Aiming at technological revolution

Embracing DATA Technology

Pioneering the Data Economy Era

BAIYETE is embracing Data Technology. Humanity is on the cusp of a new era, as data is growing today at a rate of geometrical progression annually. Useful data will be of enormous economic value in the future. In any industry in the future, data mining, data processing, data flow, data management, data service, data analysis etc will be more and more difficult, which enabling our fundamental development tool to be of the essentiality and inestimable value.

Our Vision

BAIYETE's Vision is to make software affordable for all enterprises around the world.

By raising software development efficiency massively, saving development cost vastly, slashing time cycles enormously, BAIYETE's fast and low-cost data-modeling tool is empowering to make software affordable for all enterprises around the world.

Our Belief

Efficiency is productivity

BAIYETE's belief is to define a new way to develop software and process data, lifting Software and Info-Tech Services industry into the next new level.

Our Main Business

Software and Info-Tech Services
Data Technology
Internet Technology

Boosting Industrial Productive Force

BAIYETE holds that innovation is an inexhaustible source of motive power for changing everything

BAIYETE's Stories

  • R&D-Driven

    BAIYETE is an innovative company dedicated to R&D frontier technology from the very beginning.

  • Launched

    BAIYETE launched the World's first DT programming language in the 1FH of 2023.

  • Empowering

    BAIYETE is empowering enterprises from all industries to achieve radical digital transformation successfully.